Dynamic Teams

Every technical solution has different needs.
We create dynamic teams to meet those needs with a Team as a Service (TaaS) model.

Any Platform

We are a collection of passionate software architects, programmers and designers. We deliver technical solutions for cloud, web, mobile, operating systems and system integrations.

YOUR solutions

We provide solutions using proven design patterns, practices and principles. This allows for co-managed participation and smooth outsourced transition.


We are proud to offer flexible co-managed and outsourced project solutions. Whether it's a few hours a week or an enterprise level commitment. Our team expands as your needs expand, and our team is reduced if your needs become reduced — we tailor it to how you need us!

A Smooth Hand-Off

We ensure a smooth transition with outsourced projects AND cohesiveness with internal teams on co-managed projects. In doing so, we have these fundamental principles…

  • Provide solutions with well-known, proven architectural standards and patterns.
  • Adhere to internal coding standards, style guides and practices.
  • Use of ubiquitous language, architecturally in structure and internal/industry-standard language in code.
  • Prioritize maintainability and extensibility.
  • Write unit tests that cover business logic and also describe each unit's usage.
  • Overcommunicate where appropriate, and quickly.
  • Use of internal systems and documentation.
  • Availability/accessibility beyond project completion.

Dynamic Teams + Flexible Terms

We have been in the industry for over 25 years and have proven successful experience.

We are engaged with our customers during core business hours — key meetings, requirements gathering, architecture and development work. When the workload becomes high enough, we supplement with high-end independent contractors to help us execute (we only work with the best!).

Most experienced high-end/high-caliber talent are not full-time employees, and they currently maintain long-term contracts (as independent consultants) during core business hours. However, most of these high-end independent consultants are open to side work — especially when it's after core hours and on weekends… AND with requirements pre-packaged, so they can execute on the work! This is Absolute Development's model: we work closely with the customer, create architecture/development requirements, and our high-end engineers help us execute!

We will also hire internally, in the spirit of being prepared for our customer's needs scaling up!

We also understand that every company's needs are different — even from project to project — so we work with our customers to create flexible terms together.